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Help Us Reach Our Annual Financial Goals!

Your investment helps sustain our mission and vision for the free “Pathway to Success” program for teenage urban males.

Make a secure online donation using a credit or debit card. All transactions conducted on this website are encrypted using a secure server to protect your privacy. We also accept donations via CASH APP.

How do we distribute your contribution?


Distribution: Incentives, Activity Kits (e.g Robotic), and Food

PTS Program 

Distribution:  Our Pathway to Success Program activities


Operations, Scholarships, Technology, Events 

Our Sponsorship Packages

Do you prefer planning your entire calendar year of non-profit support at once?
Or do you enjoy seizing opportunities as they come along?
Either way, we can work with it.
YES T.H.R.I.V.E 501(c)3 believes in a comprehensive sponsorship approach. The options include both annual packages and a la carte choice based on desires to support. 
What is an Annual Sponsorship?

The sponsorship program provides the most consistent support model for contributions over the course of the year. If you prefer to line up your involvement for the entire year in advance, take a look at the packages below. All Annual Sponsors are mentioned at our Charity Gala, Back to School Exhibition Day, and Partner Events.

Sponsorships range from $200 - $30,000 and full inclusions vary.
General Donations range from $25 - $199 or select your donation amount of choice.

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